About Country Instruments

Hello to you, true country music fans! Tayo, Jack and John are here! Are you ready to rock your country music knowledge and skills? Hope you do because we’ve prepared a whole lotta exclusive material about country music and how to play it right. After years of gigging and hunting vinyl country records around the US, we understood that there’s no centralized web source that has it all to help you start from the right step and learn how to play your favorite music the fastest.

The sake of our blog is to share our experience and communicate with other passionate country personalities. Here you will find useful tips, guides, and lessons. All the info and recommendations are produced by our team only, so you should expect unique expert insights that aren’t available anywhere else. We’ve been gigging all around Alabama, Texas, and other cities across many states for over 12 years already and have a bunch of exciting things to share with you!

I should assure you that John is one of the biggest collectors of new and vintage vinyl country records in the entire country! He’s also a true harmonica master with an ear to the bluesiest riffs I’ve ever heard. It was enough for me to show him how the notes work and a few country scales. John learned to accompany my banjo in less than a week and started playing solos in just a month! 

Tayo is the most beautiful singer of country music:)

As for me, I’ve been playing banjo since the day I was born because my dad was a respected banjo player with probably the fastest fingerstyle I’ve ever seen! It would be a crime not to use such an opportunity and not learn to play too. 

Well, as you can see,  we’re avid fans and even, to some extent, experts in the world of country music! We hope you enjoy what we do! Feel free to contact us if you have something good to offer. 


Singer & Author

I am authentically a true country girl at heart. I have only desired to sing one style of music. I have never wavered, in spite of disappointments, delays, rejections, and detours.

Banjo & Author

I’m Jack Little – an avid country music fan with tons of live country performances in the past. I used to play banjo in a country band with my best friend John Peters, who’s a true country harmonica master. Those were great years and I’m still mastering new banjo playing techniques, writing my own country songs and lyrics, and collecting banjos!

Harmonica & Author

My name is John Peters, and I’m a co-founder and Jack’s and Tayo’s co-editors. My country sole was born when I was not more than 4 years old and my dad brought several country records home. These were the records by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Asleep at The Wheel, and Neil Young. I fell in love with the genre forever back then. Before entering the university, I managed to gather a collection of over 1200 vinyl records with both classic and modern country releases.

Reach out to us today if You have any questions.