10 Underrated Female Electric Guitarists in Country Music

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As we delve deep into the world of country music, it’s undeniable that the genre has been predominantly dominated by male artists. However, a closer look at the industry reveals a handful of female electric guitarists who undoubtedly deserve more recognition. These guitar virtuosos have contributed immensely to the evolution of country music, creating captivating sounds that have captured the hearts of many. In this article, we take a closer look at 10 underrated female electric guitarists in country music who have gone unnoticed for too long.


When we think of country music, we often picture the male cowboys crooning their guitars. But have you ever wondered about the women behind the electric guitars? In the early days, playing the electric guitar was seen as a man’s job, but these female pioneers defied stereotypes and broke barriers. They paved the way for many other talented women to pursue their dreams of playing the electric guitar in country music. To learn more about the evolution of female guitarists in country music, check out our article on female guitarists in country music.

Rosie Flores

Rosie Flores is a trailblazer in the country music industry as an underrated female electric guitarist. Born in San Antonio, Texas, Flores began playing guitar at the age of 12 and by the late 1970s was already making a name for herself in the music scene. Flores developed a unique style that blended rockabilly, country, and blues, and has since influenced many younger artists in the country music genre.

Flores is known for her energetic, high-octane performances, and a standout example of this is her work in the all-female band The Screaming Sirens. Flores was the lead guitarist and singer for the band, which was active in the 1980s and early 1990s. The Screaming Sirens gained a loyal following and opened for big names such as Bob Dylan and John Cougar Mellencamp.

Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas
Genre: Rockabilly, Country, Blues
Notable Band: The Screaming Sirens
Key Influence: Wanda Jackson

Flores’ music career spans over four decades, and she has released numerous albums showcasing her incredible skills on the electric guitar. Despite her undeniable talent, Flores is often overlooked in discussions about famous female country music guitarists.

Fortunately, articles like this one will hopefully change that, and Flores’ influence and talent can be appreciated by new generations of country music fans. She is undoubtedly one of the most important and talented female electric guitarists in country music history, and her contributions to the genre are truly inspirational.

Jean Millington

Jean Millington is a true trailblazer in the world of country music, and her contributions to the genre should never be underestimated. Millington and her sister June were founders of the all-female rock band Fanny, which was the first of its kind to sign with a major record label in America. Her electric guitar playing stands out for its blend of bluesy riffs and innovative solos.

Millington’s playing style has influenced countless female guitarists who have followed in her footsteps. She has broken down barriers and shown that women have a place in the male-dominated world of electric guitar. Her legacy continues to inspire women in all areas of the music industry, reminding them that talent and hard work can break any barrier.

One of Millington’s most significant contributions to modern country music is the example she set for female musicians. She demonstrated that women could hold their own on electric guitar, and that their talent should be recognized and respected. As a female guitarist, Millington’s recognition parallels the growing visibility of the growing number of female electric guitarists in country music. Her example tells aspiring women in the music industry that nothing should hold them back from pursuing their passion.

Jean Millington is an underrated female electric guitarist who is worth studying and learning from. Her influence on modern country music is immeasurable, and her accomplishments are certainly worthy of recognition. Millington has shown that there are no limits to what women can achieve, even in male-dominated industries. Her example should inspire all who are determined to break barriers and to succeed in achieving their goals. Learn more about top 10 female electric guitarists in country music history.

Session Players

Session Players
When it comes to creating the perfect sound in country music, it takes a team of talented artists who know how to hit all the right notes. Among them are the session players, who work tirelessly in the studio to bring the songs to life. These underrated female guitarists might not always receive the credit they deserve, but they play an essential role in making the music we all know and love. Let’s take a closer look at two of the most talented session players in country music today: Jennifer Hanson and Kelly Back.

Jennifer Hanson

Jennifer Hanson is one of the most versatile female electric guitarists in country music today. A Grammy-nominated songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist, Hanson has played guitar on some of the biggest hits in country music history. In addition to being a talented guitarist, Hanson is also known for her songwriting chops, having co-written hits like “Leave the Pieces” for The Wreckers and “Country Strong” for Gwyneth Paltrow.

Despite her impressive resume, Hanson is often overlooked in discussions of great female guitarists. She is a master of both rhythm and lead guitar, using her Fender Telecaster to create memorable, melodic lines that complement her soulful vocals. Her playing style blends elements of rock, country, and pop, creating a signature sound that is uniquely her own.

Jennifer Hanson
Instrument Electric guitar
Influences Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Bonnie Raitt
Notable Songs “Leave the Pieces,” “Country Strong,” “A Different Road”
Genre Country, pop, rock
Signature Techniques Bending, hybrid picking, volume swells

Hanson is also a vocal advocate for breaking down barriers for women in electric guitar. In a recent interview, she talked about the challenges she has faced as a female guitarist in a male-dominated industry. “It can be hard to be taken seriously as a guitarist when you’re a woman,” she said. “But I think things are changing, and there are more and more opportunities for women to be recognized for their skills on the guitar.”

As one of the most talented and versatile female electric guitarists in country music, Jennifer Hanson deserves more recognition for her contributions to the genre. Her work as a songwriter and instrumentalist has helped shape the sound of modern country music, and her advocacy for female guitarists is helping to break down barriers for future generations.

Kelly Back

Kelly Back may not be a household name, but her electric guitar skills in country music are not to be underestimated. She is a session player who has worked with country music stars such as Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood.

Through her dynamic guitar playing, Kelly Back has broken boundaries for women in electric guitar. She challenges the stereotype that guitar-playing is reserved for men, and proves that women are just as skilled on the instrument. Her playing is not just technically impressive, it also carries emotion and depth that can only come from someone with such passion for their craft.

Here are some notable facts about Kelly Back:

  • She was born and raised in Vermont and moved to Nashville to pursue her music career.
  • She is a member of the all-female Nashville-based rock band, The Dead Deads.
  • Kelly Back is endorsed by Gibson Guitars and has her own signature model, the Kelly Back Firebird.
  • She has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine, premier guitar, and other well-known music publications.

Kelly Back is a great role model for aspiring female guitarists who want to break down barriers in country music. She proves that with hard work and determination, women can excel in any aspect of the music industry they choose. More female guitarists like Kelly Back need the recognition they deserve so that they can inspire future generations of talented musicians.

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As we dive further into the world of underrated female electric guitarists in country music, we come across a group of talented individuals who are not only masters of their craft, but also skilled lyricists and storytellers. These singer-songwriters bring a unique blend of musicality and poetry to the genre, giving audiences a glimpse into their innermost thoughts and emotions. Despite facing numerous barriers in the industry, these women have persevered and continue to inspire aspiring musicians everywhere. Let’s take a closer look at two of the brightest stars in this category. If you’d like to learn more about the barriers women electric guitar players have faced in country music, check out our previous article.

Terra Lightfoot

Terra Lightfoot is a Canadian artist who has gained a lot of attention for her exceptional guitar skills in recent years. She grew up in a family of musicians and started playing guitar at the age of 11, and since then, she has honed her craft and made a name for herself in the industry.

What sets Terra Lightfoot apart is her ability to blend various genres, including country, rock, blues, and soul, to create a unique and memorable sound. Her guitar playing is described as powerful and dynamic, and she is masterful at using different techniques to create a range of emotions in her music.

Lightfoot is a prolific songwriter and has released several albums that showcase her guitar skills alongside her songwriting talent. She has a large fan following and has toured extensively both in Canada and the United States.

It’s not easy for female electric guitar players to break through the barriers in country music, but Terra Lightfoot is a shining example of a musician who has managed to do just that. Her success highlights the fact that skill and talent should be recognized and celebrated, regardless of gender.

If you want to learn more about the challenges faced by female electric guitar players in the country music industry, check out our article on “Breaking Barriers: Women Electric Guitar Players in the Country Music Industry”.

Emily Wolfe

Emily Wolfe is a rising star in the country music world. While her sound maintains a rock edge, her guitar skills are undeniable. Wolfe grew up in Texas and started playing guitar at a young age. She later moved to Austin to pursue her music career and has since gained attention for her dynamic performances and impressive guitar playing.

Here are some highlights of Emily Wolfe’s career:

Albums Stay Alive (2019)
Singles Atta Blues (2014), Lion Heart (2016), Holy Roller (2017)
Awards and Nominations None yet
Career Highlights
  • Toured with Gary Clark Jr.
  • Performed at major festivals including Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza
  • Gained attention for her high-energy performances and shredding guitar solos

Emily Wolfe is a force to be reckoned with, as she blends her rock roots with country flair. Her live shows are known to be a visual and auditory treat, where she often jumps around on stage while shredding on her Fender Stratocaster. Wolfe’s debut album, Stay Alive, was released in 2019 and showcases her range as a songwriter and musician.

It’s only a matter of time before Emily Wolfe receives the recognition she deserves as one of the most underrated female electric guitarists in country music. Fans of rock and country alike will appreciate her raw talent and explosive performances.

The Next Generation

As the country music genre continues to evolve and expand, so does the pool of talented musicians breaking onto the scene. In this section, we highlight two young guitarists who are making waves in the industry and paving the way for the next generation of female country artists. Their unique styles and impressive skills prove that the future of country guitar playing is in good hands. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the next generation of underrated female electric guitarists.

Caroline Jones

Caroline Jones is a multi-talented artist hailing from New York City who has gained recognition as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. She started playing classical guitar at the age of nine and later switched to electric guitar, blending her classical training with rock and country influences.

Here are some reasons why Caroline Jones deserves more recognition:

  • Her guitar skills: Caroline’s exceptional guitar skills have been praised by many, including Zac Brown, who invited her to join him on his tour. She has also been featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, showcasing her impressive guitar chops.
  • Versatility: Caroline is not afraid to experiment with different genres, seamlessly blending country, rock, and pop to create her own unique sound. She has even performed in Broadway shows and co-written songs with Jimmy Buffet.
  • Songwriting: Caroline not only plays guitar, but also writes her own music. Her song “Tough Guys” earned her a spot on the MusicRow Country Breakout chart, and her latest album “Bare Feet” displays her songwriting talents on tracks like “Country Girl” and “The Difference.”

Caroline Jones is a talented and versatile artist who deserves more recognition for her guitar skills, songwriting, and unique sound. Keep an eye out for her future work, as she continues to take the country music world by storm.

Lena Stone

Lena Stone is a rising star in the country music scene who has been making waves with her emotional songwriting and engaging performances. She is a self-taught guitarist who first picked up the instrument as a teenager and has been honing her skills ever since. Here are some of the reasons why Lena Stone deserves more recognition as a female electric guitarist:

  • Unique Style: Lena Stone’s guitar playing is characterized by memorable riffs, catchy hooks, and intricate fingerpicking patterns. She has a knack for blending different genres, such as country, rock, and pop, to create a sound that is distinctly her own.
  • Technical Prowess: Lena Stone is not only a gifted songwriter and singer but also a skilled guitarist. She is able to play complex chord progressions and solos with ease, showing off her technical prowess on both acoustic and electric guitars.
  • Live Performances: Lena Stone is a dynamic performer who knows how to engage her audience. She often incorporates guitar solos into her live sets, showcasing her instrumental skills and adding an extra dimension to her music.

Despite these strengths, Lena Stone is still an underrated electric guitarist in country music. However, with her talent and dedication, it is only a matter of time before she becomes a household name in the industry.


As we wrap up our list of 10 underrated female electric guitarists in country music, it’s clear that these women are not only talented musicians but also trailblazers in the industry. Despite facing challenges and obstacles, they have persevered and left their mark on the genre.

From pioneering legends Rosie Flores and Jean Millington to the next generation represented by Caroline Jones and Lena Stone, each artist has a unique sound and style that deserves recognition. These women have not only proven that they belong in the male-dominated world of electric guitar playing but have also brought their own unique experiences and perspective, enriching the country music community as a whole.

It’s important to continue supporting and amplifying the voices of female electric guitar players in country music and beyond. By shining a spotlight on their talent, we can encourage more young women to pick up the guitar and pursue their dreams. Whether you’re a die-hard country music fan or simply appreciate great guitar playing, there’s no denying the power and impact of these underrated female artists. Let’s give credit where credit is due and celebrate their contributions to the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some notable female electric guitarists in country music?

Some notable female electric guitarists in country music include Rosie Flores, Jean Millington, Jennifer Hanson, Kelly Back, Terra Lightfoot, Emily Wolfe, Caroline Jones, and Lena Stone.

What makes these female guitarists underrated?

These female guitarists are underrated because despite their exceptional talent, they may not receive as much recognition or commercial success as their male counterparts.

Is it difficult for women to be recognized in the country music industry as guitarists?

It can be difficult for women to be recognized in the country music industry as guitarists due to gender biases and stereotypes that associate guitar playing with men.

What inspired these female guitarists to pursue a career in music?

Inspiration for these female guitarists came from various sources including family influences, personal passions, and a desire to challenge gender stereotypes in the music industry.

What obstacles have these female guitarists faced in their careers?

These female guitarists have faced obstacles such as gender stereotypes and biases, limited access to resources and opportunities, and lack of representation and support in the industry.

What impact have these female guitarists had on the country music industry?

These female guitarists have had a significant impact on the country music industry by breaking down gender barriers, expanding the definition of what it means to be a country artist, and inspiring a new generation of musicians.

What qualities make these female guitarists stand out?

These female guitarists stand out for their exceptional talent, creativity, dedication, perseverance, and willingness to challenge stereotypes and push boundaries.

What advice do these female guitarists have for aspiring musicians?

Advice from these female guitarists for aspiring musicians includes honing your craft, seeking opportunities to learn and grow, staying true to your unique style and vision, and being persistent in the face of challenges.

What can fans do to support these female guitarists?

Fans can support these female guitarists by attending their shows, buying their music and merchandise, spreading the word about their music, and advocating for greater representation and opportunities for female musicians in the industry.

What can the music industry do to support female guitarists?

The music industry can support female guitarists by providing equal representation and opportunities, challenging gender biases and stereotypes, and investing in programs and resources to support the development and success of female musicians.


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