Where Are Morgan Monroe Mandolins Made? Discover the Craftsmanship Behind the Iconic Instrument!

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Have you ever wondered where Morgan Monroe mandolins are made? As a mandolin enthusiast, I have done my research and am here to share with you the craftsmanship behind the music that is made with these instruments. Morgan Monroe mandolins are crafted with a passion for quality, and the result is a truly beautiful instrument. This article will explore the history and craftsmanship of Morgan Monroe mandolins, and delve into where they are made.

History of Morgan Monroe Mandolins

History Of Morgan Monroe Mandolins

  • Morgan Monroe was founded in 1994 by luthier Dave Morgan.
  • The company initially produced a line of acoustic guitars and mandolins, eventually expanding to electric guitars and basses.
  • Morgan Monroe has become a popular brand among bluegrass and country musicians for its quality instruments.
  • The company has collaborated with several renowned musicians, including John Oates, Vince Gill, and Ricky Skaggs.
  • In 2019, Morgan Monroe introduced their first line of mandolins, the Morgan Monroe Series.
  • These instruments feature a solid spruce top, maple back and sides, and a hand-carved neck.
  • The mandolins feature a unique scalloped bracing pattern and a variety of tonal options, making them ideal for players of all levels.
  • The company has continued to expand its line of mandolins with the introduction of the Morgan Monroe Vintage Series in 2020.
  • These instruments are made with solid spruce tops, mahogany backs and sides, and a hand-carved neck.
  • The mandolins feature vintage-style appointments, such as aged binding and hardware, giving them a classic look and tone.
  • Morgan Monroe also produces a line of electric mandolins, which are perfect for electric and acoustic players alike.

Manufacturing Process of Morgan Monroe Mandolins

Morgan Monroe mandolins are made in the United States, in the town of Ellington, Connecticut. The manufacturing process of Morgan Monroe mandolins is meticulous and precise, and involves a number of steps.

Steps Description
Wood Selection The body of a Morgan Monroe mandolin is made from selected Maple, Spruce, and Ebony woods. This combination of woods is chosen for its aesthetic appeal as well as its sound quality.
Cutting Once the woods are selected, they are cut into the required shapes and sizes. The woods are then sanded and finished to a precise thickness.
Inlay The inlay on the Morgan Monroe mandolin is hand-crafted and consists of abalone and pearl designs. The inlay is created with a combination of hand-tools and modern CNC technology.
Assembly Once all of the components are cut and inlaid, they are assembled by hand. The assembly process is carefully monitored to ensure the highest quality standards are met.
Finishing The mandolin is then sanded and finished to create a smooth, glossy surface. The finish is applied by hand, using a combination of lacquer and wax.
Tuning Once the mandolin is finished, it is strung and tuned to ensure it produces the desired sound. The tuning process is done by experienced professionals, who are able to create the perfect sound.

The end result is a high quality product that is made with attention to detail and precision. The Morgan Monroe mandolin is a unique instrument that combines modern technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Locations of Morgan Monroe Mandolin Factories

Locations Of Morgan Monroe Mandolin Factories

  • Morgan Monroe Mandolins are produced in the United States, primarily at the company’s main factory in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • The company also has secondary production facilities in Illinois and Kentucky.
  • In addition, Morgan Monroe has distribution centers in California, Texas, and Florida.

Quality Control of Morgan Monroe Mandolins

Quality Control Of Morgan Monroe Mandolins
Morgan Monroe mandolins undergo a rigorous quality control process before they leave the factory. The process begins with the use of high-grade tonewoods selected for their acoustic properties. The wood is then cut, shaped and sanded by experienced craftspeople to ensure proper fit and finish. The tonewood is joined and braced with precision craftsmanship to ensure a balanced sound.

The completed mandolin is then inspected for any flaws or defects, such as gaps in the joinery, in the finish, or in the frets. The mandolin is then tuned and tested for intonation, clarity, and playability. Any issues that arise during these tests are addressed and corrected before the instrument is deemed ready for sale.

The final step of the quality control process is the application of a protective finish. This finish helps protect the mandolin from environmental damage and wear-and-tear. The finish is applied with meticulous care to ensure a uniform and attractive look.

Morgan Monroe mandolins are made with the utmost attention to detail and quality control. The end result is a mandolin that produces a beautiful, balanced sound and is built to last a lifetime.

The Impact of Morgan Monroe Mandolins on the Music Industry

The Impact Of Morgan Monroe Mandolins On The Music Industry

  • Morgan Monroe Mandolins are known for their quality construction, sound, and playability.
  • These instruments have become the go-to for many professional and amateur musicians alike.
  • Morgan Monroe Mandolins have become a staple of the bluegrass, country, and folk music genres.
  • The instruments are recognizable for their exceptional tone and versatility.
  • Many modern bluegrass, country, and folk artists have chosen Morgan Monroe Mandolins as their primary instrument.
  • The popularity of Morgan Monroe Mandolins has brought a renewed interest in the mandolin and the music genres it is associated with.
  • The instruments have also become more widely accessible, making them a great choice for aspiring musicians.
  • The presence of Morgan Monroe Mandolins has had a major impact on the music industry.

Costs of Morgan Monroe Mandolins

Costs Of Morgan Monroe Mandolins

  • M1 Mandolin – $199.99
  • M1A Mandolin – $249.99
  • M2 Mandolin – $299.99
  • M2A Mandolin – $349.99
  • M3 Mandolin – $399.99
  • M3A Mandolin – $449.99
  • M4 Mandolin – $499.99
  • M4A Mandolin – $549.99
  • M5 Mandolin – $599.99
  • M5A Mandolin – $649.99
  • M6 Mandolin – $699.99
  • M6A Mandolin – $749.99
  • M7 Mandolin – $799.99
  • M7A Mandolin – $849.99
  • M8 Mandolin – $899.99
  • M8A Mandolin – $949.99
  • M9 Mandolin – $999.99
  • M9A Mandolin – $1,099.99
  • M10 Mandolin – $1,199.99
  • M10A Mandolin – $1,249.99

Popularity of Morgan Monroe Mandolins

Popularity Of Morgan Monroe Mandolins

  • Morgan Monroe mandolins are some of the best-sounding instruments in the world.
  • They are renowned for their warm, rich tone and are favored by both professional and amateur musicians.
  • Morgan Monroe mandolins are highly sought after by bluegrass, folk, and country music aficionados.
  • These mandolins are made with high-quality woods such as Spruce, Maple, and Mahogany.
  • The craftsmanship that goes into each instrument ensures that each one is unique and has its own individual sound.
  • Morgan Monroe mandolins have been used by well-known musicians such as Bill Monroe, Ricky Skaggs, and John Prine.
  • The popularity of Morgan Monroe mandolins has grown over the years and they are now seen as one of the best instruments on the market.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Morgan Monroe Mandolins

Advantages: Morgan Monroe mandolins are made from solid woods and feature a clear, bright tone. They are designed to accommodate the traditional “bluegrass” playing style and offer a high level of playability. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes to suit any musician’s needs.

Disadvantages: The cost of a Morgan Monroe mandolin can be prohibitive for some. Additionally, the construction of the mandolin is not as precise as some other higher-end instruments, which can affect the instrument’s overall sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of craftsmanship goes into Morgan Monroe mandolins?

Morgan Monroe mandolins are known for their superior craftsmanship, featuring high-quality materials and expert construction. Each instrument is crafted with great attention to detail, with careful attention paid to the selection of tonewoods, bridge and fretboard materials, and hardware. They are also constructed with deep set or hand-carved tops, solid spruce tops, and dovetail neck joints. The result is an instrument that produces a deep, rich tone with excellent sustain and playability.

How do Morgan Monroe Mandolins Compare to Other Mandolins?

Morgan Monroe mandolins are known for their high-quality construction, great sound, and beautiful design. They are made with quality spruce and maple woods and feature a full body with a carved top and a carved back. The neck is crafted from mahogany and the fretboard is ebony. They are fitted with Grover tuners and come with a hardshell case. The tone is warm and mellow, and the sustain is excellent. Compared to other mandolins, Morgan Monroe mandolins provide superior quality and craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

How long has Morgan Monroe been making mandolins?

Morgan Monroe has been making mandolins since the early 2000s. The company was founded in 2002 and has established itself as a leader in the production of high-quality mandolins. They have consistently produced instruments of the highest quality, as well as providing exceptional customer service and support.

What materials are used to make Morgan Monroe mandolins?

Morgan Monroe mandolins are made with a variety of materials, including solid spruce tops, mahogany back and sides, rosewood fretboards and bridges, and chrome-plated tuning machines. The mandolins are also crafted with a unique “X” bracing pattern for increased resonance and sustain.

What makes Morgan Monroe mandolins so special?

Morgan Monroe mandolins are renowned for their high-quality craftsmanship and materials. Each mandolin is made from select woods, such as spruce and maple, and is carefully crafted by experienced luthiers. The result is a vibrant, well-balanced tone with a bright, full-bodied sound. The neck is constructed of a single piece of maple, ensuring a smooth, comfortable playing experience. Additionally, Morgan Monroe mandolins are finished with a hand-rubbed, oil-based finish that enhances their natural beauty.


Morgan Monroe Mandolins are crafted with precision and skill in the United States. With a deep commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Morgan Monroe Mandolins provide the perfect platform for musicians to express their musical creativity. The attention to detail and passion that goes into every instrument ensures that they will last for years to come and provide musicians with a dependable and enjoyable playing experience.


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