6 String Banjo vs 5 String Banjo

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The banjo is a stringed instrument that can be traced back to the African banjar. It is a traditional instrument in the United States and is most popular in the Southern States. The banjo come in different sizes, the most common being the 5-string and 6-string. Let’s compare them.

Benefits and features of 5 and 6 string banjo

So, let’s review the difference between 5 string and 6 string banjo.

6 string banjo

A 6-string banjo is a type of banjo that has 6 strings. The banjo has a long neck with a resonator. The 6-string banjo is used in several different styles, including the bluegrass style. A 6-string banjo is typically used by folk musicians and is sometimes used by rock musicians.

6 string banjo

5 string banjo

A 5-string banjo is a type of banjo that has 5 strings. A 5-string banjo is typically used by bluegrass musicians. This type of banjo is generally less versatile than 6 string one.

5 string banjo


How many strings does a banjo have?

A typical banjo has 5 strings. However, a 6-string banjo is also common. 6-string banjos are often used in folk and bluegrass music, while 5-string banjos are used in the bluegrass style.

What other types of banjo are there?

There are several other types of banjo, including the banjo-mandolin. This type of banjo is very similar to the 5-string banjo. Also there is a 4-string banjo. Those are mostly used as a rhytm instrument.

What is the history of the banjo?

The banjo is a stringed instrument that is believed to have originated in West Africa. The banjo was brought to the United States in the early 17th century. It was used as a folk instrument for many years. The banjo became very popular in the Southern United States. It became associated with the rural South.


Both type of banjos are used in different styles of music, including bluegrass and folk. The 5-string banjo is used more often in the bluegrass style, while the 6-string banjo is used in many other styles. Neither of them is absolutely better, so when you are deciding whether to buy 5 or 6 string banjo, you should be directed by what style are you going to play and what sound do you want from your instrument.

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