Best Banjo Strap: Forget About Shoulder Pain While Playing

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The straps are handy items! They provide musicians with increased playing comfort and prevent shoulder pain associated with the extended carrying of the musical instrument.

How to pick the best banjo strap? You’ll find a wide range of options available on the market depending on the materials they’re made from, the variety of styles, how they’re attached to your banjo, and other factors. Choosing a banjo strap for the first time might be a daunting task for a beginner. I hope you’ll be able to make the right decision that suits you.

10 Best Banjo Straps Reviewed

Banjo straps keep the banjo in place and at a regular angle. The wider the strap, the more pleasant it will be to play for long lengths of time.

There are a plethora of straps available, but not all of them are wise investments. The low quality of several of these products makes them unusable. However, today’s variety of banjo straps should address your concerns.

You should also choose a material complementing your banjo strap and unique taste. The best banjo straps may be found in the following list. In terms of price and quality, they’re all excellent! I wish you luck in your search for the perfect strap. Worth a try!

1. Perri’s Leathers Ltd. Tan Suede Banjo Strap With Sheepskin Fur Pad and Snap Metal Hooks – Top Pick

Size: 2.5” inch wide soft suede with super soft sheep skin fur pad backing, adjustable length 44.5” to 53” inches long for Standard size
Country of manufacturer: MADE IN CANADA
String Material: Nylon

I have this one, and I love it! This strap is super well-made. The padded shoulder is not sloppy at all. It has 2 quick-change strap length settings, which are comfortable enough. I’m sure it is a very durable option that will delight you for many years. If you need a well-made strap that does the job really well and you’re a fan of suede material — I strongly recommend it!

Things You’d like
  • Good suede quality
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to adjust
  • Sturdy
  • Nice padding
  • A little bigger than most of the straps
Maybe You'll be confused
  • Have a metal clip on so it can scratch the instrument

2. Levy’s Leathers PMB32-WAL Walnut Veg-Tan Leather Banjo Strap With Sheepskin – Runner-Up

Size: Adjustable from 29 inches to 55 inches
Material: Veg Tan Leather

Levy’s is a family-owned company that has been making straps since 1973. This one is made of vegetable-tanned leather with a fleece padded shoulder. Over time, as you wear it, leather will adapt to your figure and become softer and supple. This material is the best option if you’re looking for a thick, long-lasting accessory. It comes with 2 Chicago screws to connect it.

My neighbor has this strap and says he’s satisfied that padding helps the banjo stay at the right angle. This strap can’t scratch your instrument or make noise on it as much as clip versions. Isn’t it a great one?

Things You’d like
  • Easy to attach
  • Well-made
  • Feels amazing
  • Sturdy and comfortable
Maybe You'll be confused
  • Can not fit your banjo if you have a tight space because of too thick material

3. Rayzm Embroidery Jacquard Woven Cotton Banjo Strap – Budget Choice

Size: 37 inches to 63 inches
Material: Cotton + black nylon backing + leather ends

This strap offers everything you need. I have a friend who uses this strap; it fits perfectly and looks way more expensive. He’s satisfied with his choice and loves this accessory. This strap is high-quality and good-looking.

Moreover, its neutral color (black and white) will go on with any of your outfits. No matter whether you’re wearing fancy concert clothing or your regular home wear, this banjo strap will look harmonious. Perhaps, it’s not so important for you, but many musicians pay a lot of attention to their appearance while playing.

Things You’d like
  • Good looking
  • Sturdy
  • Well-made
  • Good value for the price
Maybe You'll be confused
  • Can slight because of nylon
  • Risk of scratch because of metal clips

4. CLOUDMUSIC Jacquard Woven Banjo Strap With Leather Ends and Metal Clips

This model is worth a closer look if you prefer cotton straps. I bought this one and was delighted with my purchase! This strap is durable, doesn’t cost too much, and looks great! A lot of people buy it to use with their bags because of its thickness and sturdiness together with its beautiful design. It’s very comfortable and easy to adjust. Pretty sure that I will take another design in the future.

Things You’d like
  • Great value
  • Good weight
  • Beautiful design
  • Have a slightly padded feel
Maybe You'll be confused
  • Can not fit if your banjo has very tight brackets spacing
  • Can slide a little

5. MUSIC FIRST Classic Country Style Yarn-Dyed Fabric & Genuine Leather Strap

Size: 2 inch; Length: 62.2inch ~ 33.6inch adjustable; Thickness: 0.15inch
Material: Cotton (out side) + Genuine leather+ Cotton (inner side)+ABS Accessories

That’s a perfect choice if you don’t like clip-on. This strap attaches to the banjo with a leather loop to button on to secure the strap. In my experience, this is very cool! You don’t risk scratching your banjo when you use metal clips which are much harder to get on and off. Highly recommend it!

Things You’d like
  • Great country design
  • Reasonable price
  • Good quality
  • Sturdy and soft
  • Easy to install
Maybe You'll be confused
  • Uncomfortable for some people

6. Neotech Super Banjo Strap

Size: 46″–55″
Material: Neoprene

Your banjo will not feel heavy anymore because of its ergonometric design and excellent weight distribution. This strap is removable with sturdy clips. It has side-release buckles, making it possible to secure the strap to the banjo. I’m leaving the clips attached to the banjo, and they don’t risk damaging an instrument even in a very snug case. The strap is designed to attach the brackets to the pot. Its value for money works really great and justifies itself completely!

Things You’d like
  • Length is nicely adjustable
  • Very light
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to remove
  • Possible to disconnect the strap from the clips
Maybe You'll be confused
  • Wide on the shoulder
  • Not so light

7. Levy’s Leathers 2″ M10HT-04 Hootenanny Jacquard Weave Banjo Strap

Size: Adjustable to 60 inches
Material: Jacquard

My favorite design so far! I also had a lot of compliments about its look. That will be a nice choice if you don’t like how leather straps look and prefer a more exciting design. It is made from sturdy material that can last you for years. This strap has metal clips that make it firm, but it increases the risk of scratch. It can work for an open-back banjo. In other cases, it will rub a wood resonator without covering it with duct tape or something else. Also, it’s slightly heavier than Gretsch straps.

Things You’d like
  • Good value for the price
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Easy to adjust
  • Beautiful pattern
  • Great quality
Maybe You'll be confused
  • Possible to make a scratch with metal clips
  • Can slide because of the nylon material

8. D’Addario Accessories 50BNJ000 Nylon Black Banjo Strap With Clips

Material: Nylon
Mounting: Attaches with non-marring clips

This cradle strap is made of nylon material and has plastic clips. These clips are a little thick for my banjo j-clamps and cannot be attached to the neck. It’s challenging to attach and remove them to the brackets. Anyways, it’s great for its price, but if you have an opportunity to invest a little more money in a strap, it’s better to pick this nylon product.

Things You’d like
  • Good width of the strap
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to adjust
  • Minimalistic design
  • The cheapest banjo strap is available on Amazon
Maybe You'll be confused
  • Made of nylon, so it’s possible to slide more than other materials
  • Not very soft or supple

9. Henry Heller HDH02 Cotton Tan Feather Banjo Strap

This cotton strap has metal clips and a fantastic feather on it. This bright red feather adds its own zest to this strap. If you are a fashionable musician, this accessory is the best way to highlight your style. I have a sibling who bought it recently and was really satisfied with the purchase. Honestly, I didn’t see any bad reviews at all, so maybe it’s worth a try.

Things You’d like
  • Cotton
  • Great unique design
  • Well made
  • Sturdy
Maybe You'll be confused
  • Hand wash only

10. Gretsch G 922-0070-101 Blue Banjo Strap

Size: Adjustable length from 36″ to 58″
Material: Retro jacquard weave with a cotton backing

This strap attaches to the banjo with a nut and bolt. It has a thick leather material with thin ends and fits easily under very tight bracket spacing. My friend highly recommends this strap because it works great on his Gretsch and is comfortable. I love its retro look, and the fabric backing helps not to slide around easily as some nylon straps do. It is perfect for an open-back banjo!

Things You’d like
  • Great retro design
  • Well-made
  • Quality natural fabric
  • Strong enough
  • Not over heavy
  • Suitable for a tight bracket spacing
  • Good value for the price
  • Leather ends are built to last
Maybe You'll be confused
  • The colors are slightly different from those in the picture

Banjo Strap Buyer’s Guide

A good banjo player should stay concentrated on playing the instrument. Before we discuss the banjo strap in detail, it is vital to understand its influence.

Reasons why you need a banjo strap

The banjo strap should hold your banjo at a 45-degree angle to your body when installed correctly. This position allows you to reach the top of the neck without overstretching your arm. If the banjo strap is fitted correctly to your body, you could let go of the neck, and the banjo will still be safe. As a result, your fretting hand can move freely up and down the neck, reducing the likelihood of fuzzy fretted notes.

How to choose the best strap for the banjo?

Banjo straps come in various colors and materials, and they all differ in how they connect to your banjo, the type of padding they have, the length of the strap, and more. Leather, suede, nylon, polyester, and other materials can be used to make banjo straps. The length of the majority of straps is adjustable. Most banjo straps are between 40″ to 60″ long, and you can change it in their adjustment zone.

Banjo strap cradle vs non-cradle

Banjo straps offer 2 primary methods of attachment to the instrument. One of them is the cradle strap. It features leather ends that weave beneath the J hooks on the underside of your banjo’s bottom and then meet to grip the banjo’s rim.

Another has leather ends that create a loop and are secured with Chicago screws. In this style, the loops are slipped under a J hook on either side of the pot and held by Chicago screws.

Banjo Strap Selection
Banjo Strap

How to use banjo strap

How to put a strap on a banjo? Below you’ll learn how to attach it depending on the types of banjo straps appropriately. These instructions are easy to follow, but your instrument’s design will dictate which steps to take.

Standard cradle strap

  1. If you wish to implement this approach, you’ll need to ensure that the head tension bracket hooks have enough room for the strap to be threaded through. Just the thin end should be passed under the hooks.
  2. Hold the banjo vertically. Place the banjo on your lap so that its neck is facing straight up and its strings are facing you.
  3. Put the strap under the neck of the banjo and secure it. Thread the strap through the “2 o’clock” hook on the banjo, then through the following 3 hooks down the side, working your way away from the banjo neck toward the strap’s other end.
  4. The other end should be tucked beneath the tailpiece. The “4 o’clock” position on your banjo is where you’ll hook the other thin end of the strap. The 2 strap ends should connect when you slide it along the side channel, underneath all the other hooks.
  5. Adjust as necessary. Check the fit of the banjo strap by putting it around your neck. Add an extra strap to the side channel hooks and tighten if necessary.

Altered cradle strap

  1. Examine the banjo. This is the best alternative if you have a banjo with very little room between the head tension bracket hooks. This method is the only alternative if the cradle strap does not fit through the hooks.
  2. Keep the banjo upright. Place the banjo on a flat surface like a table or desk. The banjo’s “12 o’clock” position calls for the neck to be held straight up. The instrument’s strings should be facing you.
  3. Attach a strap end to the side of the neck. Attach one end of the strap to the second or third hook beside the banjo’s neck.
  4. Attach the other end of the strap to secure the tailpiece. Tighten the strap by tying it to the second or third hook that is distant from the tailpiece.
  5. Adjust as necessary. Put the banjo strap behind your neck and over your shoulder. Make sure the strap is adjustable so that the banjo hangs in its natural playing position without being held.

FAQ on Picking the Best Banjo Strap

You already know why you need to attach a strap and how to do it. Here are the other common questions which readers ask me.

Is a banjo strap different from a guitar strap?

Yes. A guitar strap has keyhole-shaped ends that attach to the buttons. Banjo straps feature leather ends that weave beneath the J hooks or leather ends, creating a loop, and are secured with Chicago screws.

Can a guitar strap be used on a banjo?

Yes. It’s best to use a banjo strap. However, you can make a regular guitar strap work by making a few changes. You will need to take off 2 bracket hooks and put them through the holes in the strap. Also, you can use 2 small screws or snap carabiners or tie the guitar strap to the bracket hooks with a piece of string and leather.

How does a strap fit on a banjo?

The banjo straps are attached to the brackets. Most banjos have them only around the head and resonator area, so you need something that wraps securely. These brackets on the banjo side hold the resonator head in place.

Did You Find a Banjo Strap for You Today?

Banjo straps come in various styles and materials. This list of models is long, so I hope you took your time and looked at each one.

Go for sturdy and visually appealing straps if you like the design and high-quality materials! My top recommendation is Suede Banjo Strap from Perri’s Leathers Ltd., but Rayzm Embroidery Banjo Strap is a budget option.

Thanks for checking this blog post! Which banjo strap would you like to take for yourself? Or maybe you already have a favorite one? Write a comment below.

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